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About Advanced Commercial Systems, Inc.

Lenders and other end users of commercial reports continue to require greater detail and analysis.

For those reasons, Advanced Commercial Systems, Inc. developed AppraiseWrite Software™, a comprehensive narrative appraisal report writing software designed to increase productivity, efficiency and consistency for the small office and regional appraiser while meeting the ever evolving lender and end user requirements. Designed by experienced commercial appraisers involved in writing narrative appraisal reports since the mid 1980s, AppraiseWrite Software™ brings accuracy and increased efficiency to the narrative report writing process.

Our development team consists of:

• Experienced, seasoned MAI designated appraisers that have national, regional, and local real estate appraisal experience. Their breadth and depth across a wide spectrum of property types across several states have enhanced the development of a fully integrated system.
• Highly skilled software developers with significant experience in programming for Fortune 50 companies as well as regional financial institutions.  Their expertise encompasses a wide variety of platforms and systems.

Together, this team has spent more than four years together in development process.

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