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AppraiseWrite Database™

Our proprietary comprehensive database is designed for each property type that including not only the major property types, but special use properties and expense comparables as well.

Property information and primary photograph are presented on one sheet. Each of the sheets contains standard input fields and blank fields for specific user input. Attach as many exhibits as you like. Your hard drive capacity is the only limitation of exhibit attachments and data records. Attach numerous photos, plat maps, aerial photos, broker PDF flyers, rent rolls, etc., providing a complete record of your sale or lease comparable.

Need a place to store your expense comparables? Our database expense comparable feature permits the appraiser to analyze several years of a property's economic history to develop an opinion of stabilized expenses.

The database is offered for a standalone computer, office network system (LAN), or a wide area network (WAN)*, ideal for groups that have data sharing agreements. These applications have import and export capabilities. Data records can be identified and exported to other licensed users. Licensed users can import record ready data complete with all actual photos and exhibits, eliminating consuming data re-entry.

Sales and Lease datasheets have numerous internal calculations maintaining accuracy and consistency. Lease datasheets have the capability to hold up to three specific leased units in a single property.

Comparable set records are imported into the Excel workbook template automatically populating various tables, significantly reducing typing time and providing greater ease of analysis. Comparable data sheets are easily imported directly into the Word templates.

A powerful, yet easy navigation menu system guides the user through the commands. The AppraiseWrite Database™ is expandable and flexible as needed by a changing industry.

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