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Product Capabilities

The dashboard is the nucleus for beginning new reports, cloning previous reports, or launching various programs.

Begin a new report by choosing the appropriate report module. Enter your office file data information and the dashboard creates the entire work file for input and reference throughout the narrative appraisal process. Upon completion, the entire digital work file is ready for backup to the media of your choice saving time, space, and assisting in meeting USPAP record keeping requirements.

Report modules include both the property specific Word and Excel templates. Word templates contain an entire report. Work within the document as you do now. Add, remove, copy, or paste paragraphs, sections, etc. Move around and complete different sections without rebuilding the report or losing data. Excel workbooks contain multiple worksheets with multiple layers. Calculations are completed in one place with various integration and update commands linked to the Word document. Update the document at your convenience whether it's the entire document or one table at a time.

The AppraiseWrite Database™ is a powerful software program integrating the various components of the report modules. Targeted data set information for land, sales, and leases are imported and distributed throughout the Excel workbook and imported into the Word template.

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