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Reasons to Purchase

Lenders are requiring greater analysis and detail within narrative appraisal reports. Are you using your computer as a glorified typewriter? Then the increasing level of required detail is reducing your productivity and business profit.
Improve the level of service and your "bottom line" with the AppraiseWrite Software™ system. The AppraiseWrite Software™ system benefits include:
Increase productivity and profits
• Not just software – an entire program of production efficiency
• Streamline the entire appraisal process
• "Type it once" philosophy
• Professional “desktop publishing” type formats
• Near seamless integration of software products that commonly used by appraisers
• Intuitive structure to reduce the "learning curve" through various navigation systems and "point-and-click" commands
• Comprehensive - templates are patterned after MAI demonstration report requirements
• Self-contained, Summary, and Restricted report modules driven by property type
• Not a “one size fits all” program - report modules designed for the nuances of each property type
• Flexible and expandable system as the industry continues to evolve
• Cut typing time roughly in half
• Consistency throughout report types
• Accuracy and transparency
• Increase professional image and credibility
• Benefit from value added client services
• Bottom line – substantial increase in monthly billings. Most national valuation companies using this type of system have appraisers producing twice the volume as their independent and small office colleagues

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