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Report Modules

Report Modules are the workhorses of the AppraiseWrite Software™ system.

Word™ Templates
Word templates are based upon property type. Each property type includes Self-contained, Summary, and Restricted report templates. Work within the documents as you do now. Add or remove sections, copy, paste, rearrange the report, etc. The AppraiseWrite Library™ allows saving and extracting sentences, paragraphs, or sections for quick recall for use in another report document.

Excel™ Templates
Excel templates contain numerous worksheets with several layers of tables. The template is the “heart” of the program. Property information inserted in the appropriate worksheets auto populate throughout the workbook. The easy to use navigation system permits quick movement throughout the workbook.
Each sheet has its own set of "mouse-click" commands, significantly simplifying the entire data entry process. Once entered, data is filtered to the appropriate tables within the workbook.

Features included in the report modules:
• Appraise two properties within the same report - perfect for Highest and Best Use analysis
• Completes the Executive Summary
• Market Level A, B, C, and D analysis templates
• Line-by-line income and expense analysis
• Choice of Lease-up Discount methods

Current available report modules:
• Office
• Industrial
• Retail
• Multi-family/Apartment
• Land

Each module includes Self Contained, Summary, and Restricted report templates. Additional report modules are in development. Please check back often for an updated list of available modules.

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