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Software Integration

AppraiseWrite Software™ is designed to integrate the most common software used in the industry today.

Microsoft® Word™ - Currenty Word is the most popular word processing software in the world. Word templates are comprehensive in scope with links to their Excel™ template counterparts. Templates include Self Contained, Summary, and Restricted reports based upon the property type.

Microsoft® Excel™ - A master workbook for each property type contains numerous worksheets with tables covering most of your appraisal needs. The excel templates are the “heart” of the program. Information from the database is imported into the workbook and disseminated throughout the workbook for analysis, consistency, and presentation. Data is entered once, filtered to numerous tables within the workbook, and linked to the Word document.

AppraiseWrite Database™ - Our comprehensive commercial database is a proprietary system constructed to integrate solely with the proprietary Excel workbooks and Word documents. The database is offered for a standalone computer, office network system (LAN), or a wide area network (WAN)*. There are an extensive number of datasheets with optional fields for user input. Data sheets can be transferred to other licensees of the software, including the photographs and other exhibit attachments.

Microsoft® MapPoint™ - Maps are created with a click of the mouse.

Adobe® Acrobat™ Professional - Create PDF files from the word documents for transmission to your clients, print to your color laser, and save a complete file of the final work product.

*WAN users - some conditions apply. Please contact a customer service representative for further details.

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