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Comparison Grid

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Overall System AppraiseWrite™ A B C
Word Templates  
Excel Templates  
Modular Expansion Capability      
Number Of Planned Modules 32      
Template Modules Available      
Stand Alone Computer  
Office Network  
Internet Only      
Number of Datasheets 56      
Number of General Search Categories 13      
Sales and Lease Comparables  
WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) data entry system      
All information in one sheet      
Datasheet Uniformity    
Private Comments Box    
Discussion Text for Import into Word    
Single Tenant Lease Comparables    
Multi-Tenant Lease Comparables    
Number of Leases/Multi-Tenant Datasheet 3   1 1
Sub-Category Property Types  
User Input Fields  
Number of Photos Stored Unlimited     14
Sales Comparables - Derivation of Economic Indicators    
Lease Comparables - Multi-Family and Self Storage Unit Type entry fields      
Economic Indicators - user analysis between GBA, NRA, or other unit of measure as applicable.      
Imports and Exports complete data record to other users - no retyping    
Saves all comparable sets into one work file for instant retrieval or cloning      
Imports data into preformatted Excel Summary tables  
Imports data sheets into Word Document  
Excel Templates  
Templates all in one workbook      
Worksheet manipulation controls      
Auto population of templates    
Executive Summary completed      
Market Analysis tables      
Market Level C analysis      
Sale and Lease Summary tables    
Imports sales and lease information from database    
Comparable Mapping Feature      
Two building analysis      
Multiple land parcels sales comparisons      
Cost Approach - multiple component analysis      
Building Sales Comparison Grid - data imports from database    
Income Approach - line-by-line income, vacancy, expense, and capitalization rate analysis      
Subject Historical Operating Income and Expense Analysis      
Discounted Cash Flow worksheets    
Choice of Lease-up Discounts      
Miscellaneous support tables      
Number of Market Analysis worksheets 11      
Number of Land Sales comparisons per workbook 3      
Number of Cost Approach worksheets 4      
Insurable Value automatically calculated      
Number of Building Sales Comparison Approach worksheets 4      
Number of Income Approach worksheets 43      
Average number of template tables per workbook 406      
Word Templates  
Self Contained, Summary, & Restricted Reports    
National default formatted templates      
Self Contained preformatted to nearly MAI demonstration report requirements      
Task pane document controls      
Pre-formatted excel integration      
Ability to update a single link or entire set of links without having to create a new report or lose data      
Use of Bookmarks NO    
Complete control of Word document      
Library/database - instantly recall phrases, paragraphs, and report sections - insert comments with one "mouse click"      
Picture table import function      
Insert picture function      
Table of Contents    
Addendum - numbered with Table of Contents      

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