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Telephone:  1-866-WRITE-11
E-mail:  sales@appraisewrite.com

Demo Videos

Our demo videos are now available.  Please note that the download size of these videos is fairly large but they are very informative.  Thanks for taking the time to view them.

Please note that due to the size of the video files it is recommended that you right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" and download the video to your computer before viewing.

PowerPoint Presentation
Size: 30 MB
Running Time:  11 Min 12 Sec
Dashboard Video
Size:  15 MB
Running Time:   2 Min  59 Sec
Database Video
Size:  93.2 MB
Running Time:  16 Min 46 Sec
Excel Video
Size:  111 MB
Running Time:  17 Min 41 Sec
Word Video
Size:  69.1 MB
Running Time:  10 Min 42 Sec

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