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All we need is another training manual or training course, right?  Our intent is to make the entire system as simple and intuitive as possible, providing an "out-of-the-box" program without compromising performance.

MAI/equivalent designated appraisers or senior appraisers have likely seen these appraisal concepts and formats in your appraisal courses, but the application is time consuming and tedious. Those concepts and formats are now in software form. If you are new to the profession, or are in the early stages of your commercial appraisal career, we strongly recommend that you work with a seasoned, experienced appraiser. The software will not make you an "expert" in a day. Also, we cannot stress enough the importance of mastering advanced income approach concepts and market analysis concepts, both of which are absolutely essential to your success in this profession. Although the software can assist you in completing your appraisals with greater credibility, if you do not have a mastery of those concepts, it will become apparent within your reports. We strongly recommend the Appraisal Institute's Advanced Income Approach and Highest & Best Use and Market Analysis courses.

Experienced users of Microsoft Word and Excel already have the tools needed to operate the report modules. Excel templates have built-in navigation systems to assist the user throughout the workbook. "Mouse-click" driven navigation and command structures provide efficiency and time saving. The AppraiseWrite Database™ program has help menus and "report tips" on every screen. If you have used your local MLS, CoStar, or similar data service, then you can use this program with virtually no in-class training.

As with any new program there is a slight learning curve. You should experience increased efficiency in the first month. Significant results usually occur in the second to third month of use. Efficiency is ensured through mastery of appraisal concepts and consistent use of the program.

Technology is continually changing. Our objective is to keep you on the cutting edge as soon as new items are developed. For that reason we will not apply to the various states for continuing education approval. We are also sensitive to travel costs and opportunity costs related to being out of the office.

Training videos and webinars are still in the development stage. We invite you to visit this site often for current details.

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